Estate Planning

Estate and Succession planning can be a complex area, and many people are reluctant to plan ahead and consider what would happen upon their death, but have you ever thought:

  • What would happen to your business, investments, superannuation & most importantly, your family?
  • Will your business be able to continue or is everything controlled by you?
  • Will your spouse or partner be able to access bank accounts?
  • Will your family be able to access money to be able to provide you with a suitable send off?
  • If you have a joint business venture and your partner passes away, will you suddenly be faced with working with their spouse or will you be able to buy their share?
  • Will your children of age 18 or older be able to access the bequest you left to them?
  • Would you wish to place restrictions on these bequests so your money isn’t misspent?

None of us knows when we might be hit by the proverbial bus, which is why it makes good sense to take the time to ensure your wishes are communicated and understood by the key stakeholders in your life and in your businesses.

Extensive life experience, thorough knowledge of superannuation, and trust, company and partnership structures are very important qualities when advising on this topic. Julie and her team are passionate about Estate and Succession Planning, and will work extensively with you to ensure that your beneficiaries and their interests are protected well into the future.

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